Mountain Moroto epic- Experience, itinerary, packing list and booking

Mount Moroto, also Moroto Mountain (3,083 m or 10,115 ft), is a mountain in the Northeastern part of Uganda in Moroto district among one of a chain of volcanoes along Uganda's international border with Kenya that begins with Mount Elgon in the south and includes Mount Kadam and Mount Morungole.  It has climbing trails that contains over 220 bird species, monkeys and wild cats, with spectacular cliffs and views of the Karamoja region and beyond.

The experience

On this beautiful mountain With Unforgiving, rough and rugged trails, you will summit the Imagit peak at elevation 2900m.

Your hike starts at the edge of Moroto town at Singila at an elavation of 1370m

Here the trail is fairly well trodden as it winds passing by small settlements of pastrolists and straight away starts off as a big climb.
The climb to the first open space at Leworon that is usually used as the first campsite takes 4 hours and puts you at an elevation of 2300
Here you have a view of the highest peak Sokodek(3083m elevation)

From here you head for the Imagit peak which sees you walk on the mountain up between two giant valleys with views of Lokiriama in Kenya and Moroto town and the Karamoja plains.

The trail to Imagit divides into two, one that passes through the forest for about 2 hours and one that passes on a more daring cliff edge.
Getting to Imagit and the campsite below into total takes 9 hours. A whole days hike.
There is a final section that requires climbing up steep rock. And at least one rock climbing session is advisable for anyone going for this trail.

The night is spent at a clearing below the peak where you set up camp. There is a stream near for water and everything else is set up by the group for a night campfire and cooking. A camping in the wild experience.

The next day you start the downward descent to Kodonyo village as early at 4am

This is the very rough untamed trail that is rarely used. But for such trails, it is the beauty of the landscape that will pull you. With night views of Moroto town and sights of the mining town accross the border in Kenya. It is amazing.

The downward trek here is tough but will be enjoyed by anyone who loves bush walking with views into the valley.

It is half a day's hike to Kodonyo where the whole experience ends. This section tests your mental resilience. But all the time Imagit watches over you from behind.
At Kodonyo, the hike ends


Day 1 
6a.m- Set off to Moroto from meeting point Lugogo mall. There will be a lunch break in Soroti town.
4pm- Arrival to Moroto.
Set up campsite and spend a night after dinner.

Day 2
5 am- Breakfast. Then drive to the trail head
6am- Start of the hike
Packed lunch is carried and  will be had at Leworon. Then continue to summit Imagit.

After summiting,  you will set up camp below the peak, have dinner and retire for the night.

Day 3
4.30am- Breakfast
5am- A downward descent to Kodonyo. 
12pm-Return to Moroto town and have a timely departure for Kampala.

What to pack

Tent (Optional as Sunny Outdoors provides if you don't have)
Camping mat (optional as sunny outdoors provides if you don't have one)
Sleeping bag
Wool socks – at least two pairs
Fleece Rain and windproof jacket
Headlamp with extra batteries
Pants for cooler evening
Pants for warmer day
Sleeping thermals
Sun hat
Long sleeve shirt
Short sleeve shirt
Hiking or walking shoes

water bladder or bottle. Atleast 2L
All this can be placed in a good waterproof backpack
Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit, sunscreen, chapstick, and insects repellant
Also a swim suit. plus your favourite snacks and bites.

Hand sanitizer
Body wipes – the best camp hack to stay clean!
Biodegradable soap
Toilet paper

You can also read about camping for beginners here for tips and tricks on how to pack for a camping trip 

Bookings and payment 

Private adventurer- call +256702590664