About us

Sunny outdoors is an Outdoors gear, clothing, equipment and sporting goods company with a big outdoors community founded in 2020 by intrepid traveller and adventurer, Kisambira 'Sunny' Hassan. Officially registered in January 2021.


BushMaster Kisambira Hassan
BushMaster Kisambira 'Sunny' Hassan

Head of community. He thinks he is in charge of everything but not quite.

muhire ivan
BookMaster Muhire Ivan 

The henchman is here to make sure everything makes business sense even if it hardly does.

Keshi Wangecii PeopleMaster
PeopleMaster Wangeci 'Keshi' Macharia 

Sir Yapsallot, she handles the people.

RouteMaster Julie Nakazibwe
RouteMaster Julie Nakazibwe

Climbing lead and content marketing. She never submits anything on time but it is worth the wait. Will always be present on the Route.

PaddleMaster Tutu
PaddleMaster Tutu

Lead guide on land trails and and a veteran expert on water. He is unsinkable. Hopefully not like the Titanic.

CampMaster Zephil
CampMaster 'Zephil' Aine Phillip

The sundowner tent camping is in his capable hands. That is once he finds a perfect venue. Private adventurer groups are his forte.

ContentMaster Asake Olupot Joseph
ContentMaster 'Asake' Olupot Joseph

Content is hard to get, but not for Asake. He will get it all.

DeckMaster Aothewalker

He is a DJ, the best of them and we also do not know why he is here. Except the fact that he is always here and the trails are different when he is not.

Florence 'Go with the Flo' Birungi

She makes sure no one misses the bus for the trip. For personal gain mostly.

How to reach Us.
Email: info@sunny-outdoors.com
Tel: +256702590664(text/call)
Location: Plot 5 Main street, Jinja(By appointment. we are not always there, we are outdoors)