Tent camping for beginners.

Everything to Know Tent Camping for Beginners

Tent camping is an excellent way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. It is one of the main reasons why people go camping! That connection to the outdoors… Having a tent as a place to sleep is also a cheaper way to explore, vacation, and plan overnight road trips. Sleeping in a tent is low maintenance, making it a more freeing experience.  Camping keeps things simple making it incredibly liberating! Just pack your gear, throw everything in the car, and go! Keep reading to learn more about the basics of tent camping for beginners.

Simple Camping Guide for Beginners

If you’re reading this, you are most likely a beginner tent camper and you have probably been curious about everything you need to know before you embark on your first adventure.

So exciting! You’re in the right place! We put this beginner’s guide to camping together just for you!

Camping is one of our favorite outdoor activity! We will talk about all the basic tent camping gear essentials you should have, personal items to bring along, items to pack to practice good hygiene along with tent camping tips and tricks! 
Keep reading for all the basic details on how to get into camping. We will share all of our camping advice for beginners.camping at magamaga

Basic Tent Camping Gear Essentials

As a beginner camper, you do not want to miss having these gear essentials while preparing for your first camping trip.

Below is a list of tent gear essentials to purchase or hire:

Tent with a rain flyTent footprint or tarp for underneath the tent
Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad or inflatable mattress – never sleep on the ground without padding!
Camp pillow
Headlamp or solar camp light (highly recommend)

Tent Camping Guide

Before purchasing your tent, think about the type of camping you plan to do and with how many people.

For example, if you plan on backpacking somewhere, you will want to look for gear made for backpacking that weighs less, so it is easier to carry and compress.

If you plan on tent camping from your car, you do not have to worry about your gear’s weight as much.

Think about what kind of climate you will be camping in— In uganda most people camp during the dry season on their first camping trips. But here you can basically camp anytime of the year.

Once you have your camping gear, practice setting up the tent before your first trip. Knowing how to use your equipment makes for a stress-free adventure!

Always make sure your tent is rainproof before your first trip.

Other Camp Site Items to Consider Bringing

Before heading out on your first camping adventure, consider which other types of comforts you would enjoy having around.

Below are some of the items to bring camping.

Personal Items to Bring Camping

Along with camping gear, consider which personal items you would like to bring. We recommend trying to pack simple, light, re-wearable, and as practical as possible.

Below is an example of things to pack. We recommend to pack synthetically made gear that is warm, sweat-wicking, and anti-odor so you can re-wear.

Wool socks – at least two pairs
FleeceRain and windproof jacket
Headlamp with extra batteries
Wireless cell phone charger
Cell phone
Camera with extra batteries
Pants for cooler evenings
Pants for warmer days
Sleeping thermals
Sun hat
Long sleeve shirt
Short sleeve shirt
Hiking or walking shoes
Hiking sandals – depending on what you plan to do
All this can be placed in a good waterproof backpack

Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit, sunscreen, chapstick, and insects repellant!

How to Stay Clean Camping Hygiene Tips

Now you might be wondering if you should bring toilettries and what not to stay clean.

To remain clean camping, know what kind of amenities the campground you are visiting offers. If you know there is a shower ahead of time; you can bring your showering toilet tries. But if not, then no need to bring showering toilettries…

Below are the basic items to help you stay fresh!

Hand sanitizer
Body wipes – the best camp hack to stay clean!
Biodegradable soap
Toilet paper
Trash bags

Water and Snacks

Make sure to bring plenty of snacks and portable water to drink. The standard rule of thumb is to have four litres of water per person per day.

Check the campground facilities ahead of time to see if there is also a freshwater supply to drink and wash.

Tent Camping Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Below is a summary of the 10 most important tent camping tips for beginners.

Research camping gear before purchasing
Practice setting up your new tent before the trip
Check to be sure your tent is waterproof
Select a camping location before arrival
Consider camping during less busy times like during the week
Consider what the campground offers for amenities such as bathrooms and showers before arrival
Make your first trip overnight closer to home
Check the weather before you go!
Pack snacks and easy meal ideas
Keep your campsite clean, clear of food and trash, and know the quiet hours

Beginner Camping Tips for Staying Warm

Below are some tips to stay warm while camping if it gets cold. Knowing how to get warm is soooo important because being cold just makes camping hard.

The information below includes great tent camping tips to know as beginners.

Warm your sleeping bag by filling a bottle with hot water – one of the best camping tips ever!
Wear layers
Sleep with socks on
Put the rain fly on
Use a sleeping bag rated for cooler temperatures
Down layers are warm, comfortable, use them.

Beginner Tent Camping Tips for Staying Cool

No one likes being too hot! Below are tips to stay cool while camping.

Leave the tent rain fly off for air circulation
Wear light wicking clothes
Have a light sleeping bag or silk sack
Bring a battery-powered portable fan

Quick Note on Camp Safety

Consider weather while preparing for your trip.
Check the weather before you go on your first camping trip adventure.
Be aware of your environment and any potential plants, animals, or bugs to avoid.
Let someone close to you know where you are going and when you plan on returning.
Be sure to practice 
LeaveNoTrace while camping and adventuring outdoors.

Ready to Go Camping?

Now you are equipped with all the basic tent camping gear essentials you should have, personal items to bring along, how to practice good hygiene, what to eat during a camping trip, how to find camping near you, along with tent camping tips and tricks!

We hope this guide to camping helps you plan memorable trips for years to come.

Happy Camping! and you can find all the camping gear listed above in store