Community Guidelines- Sunny Outdoors

Welcome to Sunny Outdoors! We are thrilled to have you join our community of adventure 
seekers. To ensure that everyone has a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience, we have 
established these community guidelines outlining acceptable and unacceptable conduct during 
our adventures. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these guidelines:
Acceptable Conduct:
1. Respect for Nature: We cherish the natural environment and expect all participants to 
treat it with care. Please avoid littering, damaging plants, or disturbing wildlife. Leave no 
2. Safety First: Prioritize your safety and the safety of others. Follow instructions from our 
guides, wear appropriate safety gear, and report any hazards promptly.
3. Inclusivity and Respect: Our community is diverse. Show respect for all participants, 
regardless of their background, beliefs, or abilities. Discrimination, harassment, or 
offensive behavior will not be tolerated.
4. Teamwork: Foster a sense of teamwork and cooperation. Help fellow adventurers when 
needed and communicate openly with your group.
5. Environmental Responsibility: Use eco-friendly products and follow sustainable 
practices whenever possible. Minimize your impact on the environment.
6. Leave No Trace: Pack out all trash and litter. Dispose of waste properly in designated 
7. Follow Local Laws: Abide by all local laws and regulations. Respect the customs and 
traditions of the places we visit.
8. Personal Responsibility: Take care of your personal belongings and equipment. Report 
any lost or found items to our guides. Furthermore, in case any Sunny Outdoors gear has 
been loaned to you, ensure you maintain and return it in the condition it was given to 
you, as well as at the agreed upon time and not later. 
Unacceptable Conduct:
1. Irresponsible Behavior: Reckless actions that endanger yourself, others, or the 
environment are unacceptable. This includes excessive alcohol or drug use during 
2. Vandalism: Any intentional damage to property, natural landmarks, or equipment is 
strictly prohibited. Note that vandalism also includes any damage made to Sunny 
Outdoors equipment, tools, gear etc. All costs and inconveniences relating to any 
necessary repairs shall accrue solely to the client/(s) responsible for the damage.
3. Disruptive Behavior/ Disturbing the Peace: Disrupting the enjoyment of the adventure for 
others through excessive noise, unruly conduct, excessive intoxication and etc. or refusal 
to follow instructions is not tolerated.
4. Discrimination and Harassment:
Harassment: Harassment in any form, including sexual harassment, verbal harassment, 
physical harassment, cyberbullying, and hate speech, is strictly prohibited.
II. Discrimination: Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, 
religion, disability, or any other protected characteristic is not tolerated. Retaliation 
against those reporting discrimination or harassment is also prohibited.
Prompt reporting of any incidents to our staff or guides is essential, and we are committed 
to conducting thorough investigations and taking appropriate action to maintain a safe 
and respectful environment for all participants.
5. Environmental Damage: Activities that harm the environment, such as damaging plants, 
disturbing wildlife, or polluting water sources, are against our principles.
6. Non-Compliance: Failure to follow the instructions of our guides or staff, especially when 
it relates to safety, is a breach of our guidelines.
7. Littering: Leaving trash behind or not disposing of waste properly is unacceptable.
8. Unauthorized Activities: Engaging in activities not approved or supervised by Sunny 
Outdoors poses a risk to yourself and others.
Consequences: Violations of these community guidelines may result in:
• Verbal warnings
• Removal from the current adventure without a refund
• Suspension from future adventures with Sunny Outdoors
• Legal actions for severe misconduct
Our goal is to provide you with safe, enjoyable adventures while preserving the environment 
and respecting the rights and comfort of all participants. By adhering to these guidelines, you 
help ensure that Sunny Outdoors remains a welcoming and responsible community for outdoor 
enthusiasts. Thank you for being a part of our adventure family!