Sundowner Camping

Nile river the on Sunaet

The Sunny outdoors sundowner camping is the fun part of the outdoors where  everyone meets for fun tent camping to tell stories, watch the sunset, play dumb magic tricks, games and share a meal and a drink over a camp fire. Being Outdoorsy people, many times there is a little bit of hiking, cycling, community, food and culture exploration. The camping is held at a different campsite one weekend a month (Saturday overnight to Sunday), Usually at the river Nile and sometimes at different awesome locations. More info about the camp sites and their facilities down below..

Sunny Outdoors provides transportation, a tent and camping mat and breakfast at a fee of Ugx. 100,000
With your own tent and mat, the fee is Ugx. 70,000.  

We are providing transportation from Lugogo mall(Booking in advance) , ride sharing and self drive options.


You can also get yourself to the campsite 

Here is our guide to tent camping and with it you can make a personal packing list

Activity prices at the River Nile are as below(different prices for foreigners only where indicated);
Bungee jumping- ugx 250,000/$115(foreigners)
Kayaking- 100,000
Tubing - 90,000
Stand up paddling- 90,000
Cycling- 50,000
Water sliding- 20,000
white water rafting- 250,000/$140(foreigners)
Quad biking- 150,000( half hour)

River Bugging- 155,000
Zip lining- 60,000
Fun running- 20,000



10am- Depature from Kampala. Usual Meet up point is Lugogo mall

1pm- Arrival in Jinja town. Out of pocket lunch and optional visits around the city
4pm- Settling in at the campsite. River activities and social
7pm- Dinner, drinks, games, campfire till late. Retire at will.

9am- Breakfast
10am- Highlighted activity of the weekend along with other optional activities
1pm- check out of campsite. Passby Jinja town for lunch and Departure back to Kampala.

Nile river the on Activities

Sunny outdoors monthly membership fee is ugx. 50,000

Payment here( debit card or mobile money) :

Contact: Sunny  +256702590664