The Ultimate reward sezibwa falls epic

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Sezibwa falls , Mukono Central Uganda


Long day hike to Sezibwa falls

The closest water falls to Kampala

Distance: 35KMs

Difficulty: Hard

Duration: 8 HRs

Terrain: Undulating


*Ugx 80,000

Free for Members

*Incl; Lunch, Transportation back and the experience


The Ultimate reward Sezibwa trail was designed out of the question 'Which is the nearest waterfall to Kampala?'

It is a gruelling 35km hiking trail passing in the urban back routes of Mutungo, Namanve, Namilyango, Namawojolo and finally reaching Sezibwa falls in Mukono which will be the ultimate reward.

Same day departure back to Kampala with camping over at the falls as optional. 

The camp site is just overlooking the beautiful falls and you can have the glorious view and listen to the thunder of the falls in resonance with the birds and waving trees. The pool at the falls is good enough for recovery with a dip into the culturally significant Sezibwa river.


What is the hike day plan?

We set off from ring road Mutungo hill(meeting point) at 7 a.m, trek for 3 hours and stop for breakfast, an out of pocket expense and you are highly encouraged to pack enough snacks. There is an escort van to help carry extra luggage if needed.

We proceed on the hike for 4 hours and stop to have lunch and a break. Lunch will be provided by Sunny Outdoors.

Then we sojourn on for the last hour or hours to our ultimate destination.

At Sezibwa falls, we shall set have a picnic, snack, Swim in the river and take a scenic walk to the waterfall top.

Departure for Kampala.


Can you handle the hike?

It is a relatively challenging hike to last over 8 hours for 35Km.

Though we make it easier with having a gear carrier and escort van on the route which can also accomodate the really tired hikers as everyone has to get to see the ultimate reward.

Directions to the meeting point at Mutungo (Former Afrique suites)


What you need to pack?

It is a long day's hike with over night camping at the end so you need to pack hiking and camping gear except tents and matresses. What to exactly pack depends on personal comforts.


Hiking gear:

Hiking backpack

Hiking boots or running shoes

Thick hiking socks

Hiking pants

Waterproof jacket or poncho

Quick dry and light hiking shirt

Sun hat

Sun glasses

Neck gaiter or buff

Sunscreen/sun protection cream

Hiking pole

Hydration pack

This blog post on the Sunny Outdoors website can help

Don't forget lots of water and snacks.


October 8th 2023 edition

For Ugx. 80,000 You can book for the hike here or make payment to MTN momopay code 150750

Fee includes: Lunch, snacks, water, park entrance, guide, the experience and transportation back to Kampala.

It is free for Sunny Outdoors members and 10% off for Mountain club of Uganda members.

Contact: Sunny +256702590664

See you on the trail ☺