Sunny Outdoors Covid SoP


Sunny Outdoors COVID SoP (for a positive PCR test)

If anyone has been tested positive for COVID-19 who has joined a Sunny Outdoors event within the last 14 days (from the first day of exhibiting symptoms), they must contact the Head of community, Kisambira Sunny (; +256702590664 (WhatsApp)) as soon as possible.

Sunny Outdoors will then inform the individuals who attended the event(s) and advise to observe any symptoms. In respect of privacy, we do not reveal the name of the infected person. Nevertheless, we would highly encourage the person tested positive to reach out to the people they closely engaged with during the event – e.g. the hiking partner or the people who shared a car ride or tent etc.

The person tested positive can reach out to Sunny Outdoors for contact details. Under these special circumstances and in attempting to minimise the risk of further spread, Sunny Outdoors assumes that the use and sharing of private contact details is understandable.


Steps to take for people who are informed by Sunny Outdoors that someone reported being tested positive:

-To prevent further spread of the virus we recommend that you stay home and monitor your health.Observe if you have any symptoms of COVID-19: Watch for fever (38◦C or 100.4◦F), cough, and shortness of breath -Self-quarantine recommendations (CDC recommendations regarding quarantine procedures):

-Quarantine yourself for before resuming normal activities if you are not experiencing any signs of COVID, or Quarantine yourself and take a test after exposure and resume your activities if you tested negative

Even after ending your quarantine, you should Watch for symptoms after exposure.If you have symptoms, immediately self-isolate and contact your local public health authority or healthcare provider.

For more information: 

Sunny Outdoors may also observe the above procedures (or parts of) for cases without a positive test, e.g. where contact is highly likely, or where a positive test was with a method other than PCR. Decisions will be made on an adhoc basis.