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Sundowner Camping


Get ready for weekly fun-filled camping weekend with river adrenaline packed adventures, games, drinks, camp fire, amazing views, and the crown of it all, a sunset at Nile river camp site.


Saturday: Arrival at camp site at will per activities registered for. 

Rafting program starts at early as 9 a.m

1230hrs: Check in into preffered tents. First come basis.

– 1330hrs: Meet ups and check in into river activities registered for.

– 1430hrs: Back from the river. Watch the sunset with some drinks

1430 – 1730hrs: Mingling/Picnic/Photography

1730 – 1830hrs: Dinner, camp fire, music, games till retirement

Sunday– Morning breakfast

- More river activities if booked

-Leaving at will.



  • Games
  • Mingling
  • Camp fire
  • Photography


  • Venue fees
  • Experience
  • Facilitation fees
  • Photography
  • Tent and mattress
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast


  • Transport Fees or transportation to venue

What to bring

  • Sleeping bag or covers
  • Warm clothes 
  • Games
  • Good vibes

Sundowner FAQs:

Can I come alone? Absolutely! Typically about 50% of the crowd comes alone.

Do you arrange transport? No but we can connect you to someone self driving from your location.

What is the suggested age range? All ages from 18yrs are welcome.

How many people will be there? Based on past events we expect between 10 and 20 people to be in attendance.

Is there music? Yes, there will be great music playing at just the right volume for the outdoors. Usually from the restaurant and personal speakers.

Are there Food & drinks? Yes, we provide dinner and breakfast. And some complimentary drinks to start you off.

What is the dress code? While there’s no official dress code we request that you don’t wear hiking gear. What you wear to a casual hangout/work is perfectly fine but you have to have warm clothing too.


PS:  Tickets will be at non-member rates

Feature Image Courtesy of Adam


Ugx 90,000 


The Sunny outdoors sundowner camping is the fun part of the outdoors where the outdoors community meets for fun camping to tell stories, watch the sunset and share a meal and a drink over a camp fire. The camping is held at a different camp site every weekend. More info about the camp sites and their facilities down below..

Sunny Outdoors provides a tent and mattress, dinner and breakfast at a fee of Ugx. 90,000
With your own tent and mattress, the fee is Ugx. 60,000

Sunny outdoors monthly membership fee is Ugx. 50,000(attend as many Sundowners as you can)

PAYMENT TO: MTN momopay code 150750
Airtel 0702590664(Kisambira H)

Contact: Sunny +256702590664


CampMaster Zephil- +256702590664