The Turkana epic Cycling Adventure

Lake Turkana, formerly known as Lake Rudolf, is a lake in the Kenyan Rift Valley, in northern Kenya, with its far northern end crossing into Ethiopia. It is the world's largest permanent desert lake and the world's largest alkaline lake. By volume it is the world's fourth-largest salt lake after the Caspian Sea, Issyk-Kul, and Lake Van (passing the shrinking South Aral Sea), and among all lakes it ranks 24th.
Lake Turkana is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This Turkana epic  thru hike goes from Moroto town, Uganda to Eliye springs on Lake Turkana, Kenya.

Lake Turkana

The route
This is a challenging trail recommendable for experienced and well prepared cyclists and hikers. The route is approx 250km and moves from Moroto town, Uganda at Karatunga arts and campsite to Eliye springs camp on Lake Turkana Kenya.

The trail is a remote dirt road on a flat plain sorrounded by stunning land scapes in an arid place. With River Turkwel in sight and crossing at several points.

Road from Moroto to Lokiriama

The Experience
This expedition will go from Moroto under Mt. Moroto at Karatunga campsite crossing the border to Kenya into the arid and semi arid desert all the way to Lake Turkana passed the large expansive sandy river bed of Turkwel. The aim is to be doing 42km and more per day. Distance covered will depend on the slowest adventurer.
Along the way, you shall pass through small villages of pastoralist, small trading centres and some large towns like Todwar. You will experience a shared culture of people only divided by the border but have everything in common including a similar landscape, dressing and language.
The Moroto-Turkana route is rich in wildlife and unique fauna that will amaze anybody. The only big water body between Moroto and Turkana is the river Turkwel and the Martian like lake Turkana.
Bush campsites will be set up at army detaches, behind village manyatas with the help of village elders and also sometimes in open spaces under the stars under the watch of our community guides.
All supplies will be carried in the follow up escort van and some like snacks and water in our back packs. It will be self catering with the help of our guides and have meals at rest points and at the set up campsites.

There will be little or no communication with the outside world depending on the part of the trail on the excursion but there will be charging points and communication points along the remote route with the help of our escort van.

Mountain moroto

River TurkwelA Turkana ladyPacking list
Cycling gear:
cycling shoes 
cycling clothes 
cycling sunglasses
cycling protective wear incl gloves 
Helmet and bike(provided)

Hiking gear:
Hiking backpack
Hiking boots or running shoes
Thick hiking socks
Hiking pants
Waterproof jacket or poncho
Quick dry and light hiking shirts
Sun hat
Sun glasses
Neck gaiter or buff
Sunscreen/sun protection cream
Hiking pole
Hydration pack
Water and lots of snacks

This blog post on the Sunny Outdoors website can help

Camping gear:
Sleeping bag
Hand sanitizer 
Body wipes – the best camp hack to stay clean!
Biodegradable soap
Toilet paper
Trash bags
warm clothing
Wool socks
Headlamp with extra batteries
Wireless cell phone charger
Cell phone
Camera with extra batteries
Pants for the cooler evening
Sleeping thermals
Long sleeve shirt
Short sleeve shirt
Sandals – depending on what you plan to do
All this can be placed in a good waterproof backpack

This camping blog post can be of help for beginner campers


7th December:
6am- Leave Kla for Moroto. Camping at kara tunga  campsite.
7pm- Briefing, Dinner and retirement 
8th December:
5am- Breakfast and preparati
6am- Start of the Turkana epic
4 hr ride and Lunch Break at Lokiriama
Lokiriama to namuruputh - spend the night at Namuruputh- 68km 
9th December:
5am- Breakfast
6am- Road to Turkwel with a break at Lorugum  44km 
10th December:
8am- Breakfast
9am- Road to Lodwar 37km
Spend night in Lodwar with a long break. 
11th December:
5am - Breakfast
6am- Road to Eliye springs 64km
Spend night at Eliye springs. 
12th December:
Spend day and night at Eliye springs 
13th December:
5am breakfast
6am- Drive to Kampala through suam border. 12 hours 

Can you handle the expedition ?

This expedition is for the well prepared cyclists mentally,  physically and with all the required gear. 

Ugx 1,450,000
Includes; Transportation, camping fees, meals, guide and park fees, bike and helmet plus all multi day cycling services including mechanics and escort van.
Sign up by reaching +256702590664