The Ndorobo trail thru hike

The experience
Exploration of untouched nature and indigenous cultures on a multi day hike of 7 to 8 hours a day.
In two or three days you will explore the upper belts of Kween District on a thru hike. This is a place with an abundance of waterfalls, caves and amazing viewpoints. The Guides are cultural experts and Community leaders, will engage you in the life of to their Mosopisiek (Ndorobos) people along the long trail. The Ndorobo are a minority group of former hunter-gatherers. There’s a variety of Community activities to enjoy at breaks and stop overs: from underground honey harvesting to traditional dance & music and from exploring a cave to making traditional handcrafts with Mosopisiek women. 
What to know
This is a thru hike for the adventurous and flexible.
Hike is of moderate difficulty and more challenging in the rainy season, therefore it requires you to be physically prepared 
Packed meals and meals will be prepared along the trail.
Camping will be at the guide's home steads with all facilities.
Packing list
Tent(provided by Sunny Outdoors if needed)
Sleeping bag 
Strong waterproof hiking shoes/boots
Crocs or slip-on shoes for the campsite
Balaclava or face cover(dust or wind)
Down jacket 
Head lamp (with extra batteries)
Light gloves
Daypack and rain cover
Large waterproof bag(60L or more)
Medications (e.g. charcoal tabs for tummy trouble, deep heat for sore muscles, pain killers, etc.)
Energy bars, snacks & drinks
1-2 sets of thermal underwear (long-johns)
1-2 fleece or down layers
Hiking trousers and tops
3+ pairs of warm (preferably wool) hiking socks
Sun hat
Rain jacket and rain pants (optional)
Water container/bladder (2-3 liters of water daily)
Walking /hiking sticks
Leg gaiters for your boots
Extra batteries or personal power bank and charger (a necessity if you take pictures)
Hot water bottle for cold nights
Travel pillow or extra blanket
*All items available on the store
1st July 
8.00a.m - Depart from Kampala from the meeting point at Lugogo mall
3pm- Arrival at Home of friends. Over night stay, preparation, meals, rest 
2nd July Departure for the trail head.
Start of the 3 day thru hike.
5th July
Back to Home of Friends for recovery and preparation for journey back to Kampala.
6th. Departure for Kampala
Includes- Transportation, all meals, camping and park fees, guides.
Excludes all gear apart from the camping tent and mat.
Or reach out directly to Sunny Outdoors+256702590664