The 3 falls of Wanale hike epic

The Wanale ridge also referred to as Nkokonjeru is a huge ridge standing above Mbale city and is part of the mountain Elgon ranges. When you are at the Wagagai summit, it is one of the prominent features one will see while above the skies.

The ridge is a tough 1-3 hour climb as per an individual’s fitness, challenging and is worth it. With picturesque views of Mbale town and the far off plains, the ridge also features three waterfall including the big Namatsyo falls with its dramatic fall and pools under for a good shower and dip.

 The Experience

Here on the Wanale you get to climb up the very steep ridge bypassing large streams and boulders, all green vegetation cover, superhuman villagers carrying large loads up and down. Reaching the top is a big victory even for any seasoned hiker. It is a good starter feel to climbing to the top of the Elgon.

for the two day event, one gets to camp on top of the ridge near the second falls and you get to listen to the soothing thunder of it as it makes it's fall. You get to immerse yourself in the culture of the place with a guide who will serenade you with stories about the Bamasaba people as you wait for a local meal around a camp fire. A visit and swim in the falls is a must on this great Eastern Uganda experience.

A night visit to the buzzing Mbale city is an open plan and so is a visit to the nearby mini zoo.

Hiking Wanale ridge of mountain elgon

 What to Pack:

Water bottle/bladder at least 3L

Hiking clothes- sweat wicking and quick dry, long sleeves

Thick socks for the hike

Hiking boots or trail runners or running shoes

Rain jacket

Sun hat and sunglasses

Head torch

If camping over-Sleeping bag or covers and Warm clothing for the camping (jumpers/fleece jacket,/sweater). Here is a guide on tent camping

Snacks (energy bars, biscuits, sweets) and water (3 liters for the hike)

Itinerary for the same day event (20th January 2024)

6.30am- Set for from kla from meeting point Lugogo mall. be at meeting point by 6am. The journey to Mbale is 5 hours.

11.30 Arrival in Mbale. Preparation for climb. and transfer to trail head.

12.00am- Start of the 3 hour hike depending on speed and fitness of slowest hiker. Lunch will be packed at had at the top of the ridge.

4pm- End of hike and, freshening up and you hit the road back to Kampala. You should be in Kampala by 11pm. 

Itinerary for the 2 day event 

Day 1

7.30am- Departure from Kampala (Meet up point is Lugogo mall)

12.30- Arrival in Mbale City. Last minute shopping and Preparation for the hike. Light Lunch(packed and out of pocket)

2.00pm- Start of Wanale hike with a visit to Namatsyo waterfall drop

4.00pm –  Expected end of hike. Freshening up and unpacking. Camping at Falling Sky resort and campsite.

6.00pm- Early Dinner. Camp fire and drinks  till next morning.

Optional excursion into the city for the night life.

Day 2

8.00am Breakfast

9.00am departure for Kampala.


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