Sipi falls hike experience

Sipi falls is a series of 3 waterfalls with the first waterfall up being at an elavation of 1900m asl and the hike is a beginner trail of 7km to move from the first waterfall to the last in a time of 4 hours for slow hikers.
Sipi falls is locally known as Kasurur falls. The three falls are Kaparukungu,Kapachebrot,kapacheborion from the lowest to highest.

The experience
After a 6 hour roadtrip from kampala, you will set up camp at Sipi guesthouse campsite ovelooking the main and largest magnificent waterfall, Kaparukungu. This campsiteis also perched on the edge of Sipi valley which when you look further you can see the Teso land, Kween and the Karamoja plains.
The hiking trails pass through the communities with coffee gardens, homesteads and move along streams that feed into the Sipi river. It is a beginner hike that can be done by all ages with difficulty or no difficulty depending on one's physical fitness.

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What to pack
It is both camping and hiking. So here is a packing list
Hiking gear
Hiking backpack
Hiking boots or trail running shoes
Thick hiking socks
Hiking pants
Waterproof jacket or poncho
Quick dry and light hiking shirt
Sun hat
Sun glasses
Neck gaiter or buff
Sunscreen/sun protection cream
Hiking pole
Hydration pack

Camping gear
Sleeping bag(we provide if you have non)
Hand sanitizer
Body wipes – the best camp hack to stay clean!
Biodegradable soap
Toilet paper
Trash bags
warm clothing
Wool socks
Headlamp with extra batteries
Pants for the cooler evening
Sleeping thermals
Long sleeve shirt
Short sleeve shirt
Sandals – depending on what you plan to do
All this can be placed in a good waterproof backpack

This camping blog post can be of help for beginner campers

8am- Departure from kampala
1pm- Stop in Mbale town for a break and lunch
2pm- Arrival in Sipi
3pm- Start of hike
6pm- Sunset viewing
7pm-Dinner and camp fire, drinks till late
Next day:
8am- Breakfast
9pm-departure for kampala

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