Mt. Wati- The Oli Banyale epic

Mt. Wati is the highest point in the west Nile, a mountain of ancient mystery and cultural significance to the Lugbara people. A mountain that takes any hiker and explorer on a climb that is not only moderately challenging but also a history and cultural exploration.
This mountain is revered as the old gravesite of a somewhat superman Oli Banyale, the ancestor of the Lugbara. Also Not far is a natural crater that the locals named Mbindri, whose waters they claim have never dried.
Here is a further tale from Writer Richard Drasimaku for the NewVision about Oli Banyale and Mt. Wati 

The Experience

The Oli Banyale epic will take you on a cultural, traditional and spiritual adventurism in the ancestral world on the 1250m asl high Mt. Wati. It is a total of 4hr round climb for the slowest climber.
First It is a long sight seeing road trip from the central Uganda region to the West Nile then it turns into an immersion into the West Nile climate, people, food and culture at the camp site of the ever flowing Miriadua falls.

The next day climbing of Mt Wati is a ultimate end to the exploration and the real purpose of any beginner and experienced hiker who came all the way to tick off a mountain or to put in the altitude gains.

What to know.

Mt. Wati is a moderate climb but gets tricky because the trails are mostly unmarked. There will be local guides.
The experience starts on Friday 12th, a working day. So everyone should get that work day off.
The journey to Maracha is long over 7 hours. You have to get strapped in.
All meals are only covered at the camp site at Miriadua falls and at the base of Mt. Wati. Other meals along the journey are out of pocket at the different stops.


Packing list:

-Sleeping bag or covers (we shall provide the tent and mat)
-Comfortable moisture wicking and quick dry hiking clothes
- Comfortable hiking boots/ trail runners/walking shoes and camping open shoes
- Warm layers(hoodie, jacket, fleece for the night)
- sunhat and sunglasses
- Sunscreen
- water Bootle or hydration pack(atleast 2 liters)
- Lots of water and snacks
- Loose cash( still a cash economy, people)
- Smartphone( The experience has to be televised)
- power bank

-Camera( For the views again)


Friday 12th August - Set off from Lugogo mall( meeting place)
Snack and relief breaks along the journey. - estimated arrival time in Maracha at Miradua falls
Set up camp and unpack
Explore the falls Dinner and social. Retire to sleep at will
Saturday 13th August Breakfast set off to Mt. Wati for the hike briefing and start of the mountain hike. estimated end of the hike. Lunch at the mountain base. Head back to Miradua falls
Optional city tour of Arua town
6pm- Dinner and social till late. Retirement to sleep at will.
Sunday 14th August Breakfast - Set off for Kampala Estimate time of arrival in Kampala


Ugx 450,000( Eastafricans and foreigners)
Ugx 350,000( Sunny Outdoors members)
Ugx 400,000(MCU members)
Ugx 80,000( Arua citizens)
Or reach out directly to Sunny Outdoors +256702590664( Even for a private arrangement for the same experience)