Mt. Kenya

Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa, after Kilimanjaro at 5,199 m elavation. The highest peaks of the mountain are Batian, Nelion and Point Lenana.
The most popular Summit is point Lenana which is 4985m asl. And the other peaks including Batian which is the highest requires technical skills/rock climbing.
There are many routes to summit Mt Kenya but these are the three most well trodden ones.agoro by kenya Mt

This is the shortest but the steepest route.
You can camp or stay in the bandas here depending on costing.
Naromoru Route has a clear view of Mackinders Valley but this route mostly favors hikers who love elevation. Has too many bogs, no lakes or tarns and with best view of the highest peaks at Mackinders Camp.
Day 1: Naromoru Gate-Met Camp
Day 2: Met camp- Mackinders
Day 3: Mackinders -Summit
(You can opt to sleep at Austrian but it's very cold)
Day 4: Descend to Gate

SIRIMON ROUTE- entrance via Nanyuki
This route is a fair challenge with the summit push a bit tough but it has a balance of all things. With a view of the peaks and the valley. One can easily see Batian from Old Moses camp. If you opt for 3 days, you start from Old Moses Camp and for 4 days, you start from the park Gate .
On this route you can leave the mountain once you summit so descent to base is doable same day.
Bandas and Camping options are available.
Day 1: Gate - Old Moses camp
Day 2: Old Moses - Shipton Camp
Day 3: Shipton Camp -Lenana Summit
Day 4: Summit to Old Moses

CHOGORIA ROUTE- entrance via Chogoria town
This is the most scenic route on Mt Kenya with lakes, tarns ,and peaks views.
There are no bandas here so it's camping in tents all the way up and down. This is also the longest route and probably the most challenging.
Day 1: Gate-Lake Ellis
Day 2: Ellis to Mintos Camp.
Day 3: Mintos to Lenana Summit
Day 4: Summit to Lake Michaelson or go to Roadhead.(You can leave on day 4 but it's too long to descend. Camping at Michaelson can be too cold. Either ways work.)
Day 5: Roadhead to Gate.

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