Ibanda hills hike

Located in Nyamirima Ibanda Municipality, Ibanda hills, Nyakahondogoro caves and Mabanga hills, are a spectacular site to behold. They are a holy site for believers, and allegedly home to the Bachwezi demigods therefore very important to the locals in many ways including income generation through tourism. A perfect hiking and camping site for the outdoors person and traveler.

Nyakahondogoro cave

To the local populations of Ibanda, this cave is a holy site for believers. The locals believe this site to be the home of the Bachwezi, the founders of the ancient Empire of Kitara.

The Galt Monument

Outside Ibanda lies a pile of stones in shape of a pyramid which marks the spot where a British colonial administrator was murdered in 1905. Another interesting site to visit on this long road trip to western Uganda.


The experience

Visit the mystic Nyakahondogoro caves, believed to be the home of the Bachwezi, the founders of the ancient Empire of Kitara.

The hike up Mabanga starts at Nyamirima and takes you through hills, community trails right up to Nyakahondogoro caves with a brief but steep ascent to the top of Mabanga hill.

It is a beginner level hike of 11 km and takes up to 5 hours for the slowest hiker with maximum elevation being 623m taking you up to the skies for a picturesque view of Ibanda and the countryside. 

What to pack

It is both camping and hiking. So here is a packing list
Hiking gear
Hiking backpack
Hiking boots or trail running shoes
Thick hiking socks
Hiking pants
Waterproof jacket or poncho
Quick dry and light hiking shirt
Sun hat
Sun glasses
Neck gaiter or buff
Sunscreen/sun protection cream
Hiking pole
Hydration pack

Camping gear
Sleeping bag(we provide if you have non)
Hand sanitizer
Body wipes – the best camp hack to stay clean!
Biodegradable soap
Toilet paper
Trash bags
warm clothing
Wool socks
Headlamp with extra batteries
Pants for the cooler evening
Sleeping thermals
Long sleeve shirt
Short sleeve shirt
Sandals – depending on what you plan to do
All this can be placed in a good waterproof backpack

This camping blog post can be of help for beginner campers https://sunny-outdoors-ug.myshopify.com/blogs/hiking-and-trekking/tent-camping-for-beginners


Day 1

6.30am- Departure from Kampala. meeting point is Lugogo mall at 6am. 

1pm- arrival at Mayor's garden inn campsite. set up camp and prepare for the hike.

1.30- Drive to trail 15 minutes away head and start the hike. The hike lasts 5 hours for the slowest hiker so we should be done by 7pm.

7pm- Dinner, campfire and social till late. Retire at will.

Day 2:

8am- Breakfast

9 am- Departure from Kampala passing by the Galt Monument outside Ibanda town.

5pm- estimated time of arrival in Kampala


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