Dolwe Island- Ancient blue epic exploration

Dolwe island

The name “Dolwe” is a corruption of the Luo name “Lolwe” meaning Lake Victoria.
Dolwe Island is the biggest of the several smaller rocky islands in the Ugandan eastern part of the lake. Measuring about 12km, it has two main congested towns– Singla in the east and Golofa in the west.The island is naturally beautiful and an  unparalleled artistic mastery of beautiful rocks on the Island deep in Lake victoria.

Some 300 to 500 years ago, ancient islanders painted the rocks with maroon colours that have lived to date.
The paintings on Dolwe Island portray shapes of beings unknown to the current inhabitants of the land who comprise mostly the Jaluo from Kenya and Ugandans.

The Sunny Outdoors Ancient blue epic exploration will be our attempt to get to and explore this Island.

How to get there:
To touch the paintings, one travels three to four hours by boat from Bwondha landing site in Mayuge district to Dolwe.
Kampala to Bwondha landing site is 151 km a 3hr drive.

Day 1
5.30 a.m Set off from Lugogo mall
8.30- Arrival at Bwondha landing site and set off for island
12.00 - Arrival at island. Unpacking, setting up camp and Lunch.
2.00pm- Exploration of the island. 10 km hike. swimming and boat ride.
6pm- Back to camp site for dinner, drinks and camp fire  till late.
Day 2
Rock painting exploration and more of the activities.

Day 3
9am- Departure.

Packing List:
Tent (Optional as Sunny Outdoors provides)
Camping mattress (optional as sunny outdoors provides)
Sleeping bag
Wool socks – at least two pairs
Fleece Rain and windproof jacket
Headlamp with extra batteries
Wireless cell phone charger
Cell phone
Camera with extra batteries
Pants for cooler evening
Pants for warmer day
Sleeping thermals
Sun hat
Long sleeve shirt
Short sleeve shirt
Hiking or walking shoes
Hiking sandals – depending on what you plan to do
All this can be placed in a good waterproof backpack

Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit, sunscreen, chapstick, and insects repellant
Also a swim suit.
Hand sanitizer
Body wipes – the best camp hack to stay clean!
Biodegradable soap
Toilet paper
Trash bags

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Bookings for the 6-8th April 2024 trip Is open here(ugx 350,000)   or call +256702590664 for a private trip