Cyinzobe Trail-Nyungwe Forest trail multi day forest hike

Cyinzobe 3-day trail in Nyungwe forest, Rwanda: A combination of comfort, hike and beautiful scenery. It allows hikers to enjoy the magnificent view of 13 square km -Kamiranzovu swamp and its mighty waterfall along the park's west boundary.  It is a  perfect blend of comfort and adventure, with breathtaking views of the Kamiranzovu swamp and its majestic waterfall. An experience not to be missed for nature enthusiasts.
cyinzobe hutscyinzobe trailcyinzobe trail multi day hiking trail
The experience
Walk through the heart of Nyungwe forest with spectacular views of the extensive Kamiranzovu swamp, streams and waterfalls. On this catered for 3 day hiking trail, you spend over nights in wooden cottages built at the best trail spots.
Packing list
4 day travel personal items and clothing.
Strong waterproof hiking shoes/boots
Crocs or slip-on shoes for the campsite
Rain jacket and rain pants
Head lamp (with extra batteries)
Daypack and rain cover
Personal medications (e.g. charcoal tabs for tummy trouble, deep heat for sore muscles, pain killers, etc.)
Energy bars, snacks & drinks
Camera & a power bank
warm knit hats
fleece or down layers
Hiking trousers and tops
Pairs of warm (preferably wool) hiking socks
Sun hat
Water container (2-3 liters of water daily)

After travel days to nyungwe forest, Rwanda
Day 1
Hike starts at Uwinka gate
Day 2
After spending night in the wooden cabins, the hike continues to Gisakura
Day 3
By mid day. Hike ends at Gisakura.
And booking for  private arrangement: 
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