You have put in the work on your usual trail and you feel ready mentally and physically to take on your first half marathon. All bases covered and you are ready.
But what more could you possibly need to know and do to have a good race?
Here are 7 Simple Tips To Prepare For A Half Marathon observed from our running enthusiasts at Sunny Outdoors 
Sunny outdoors 3 bridges marathon
Study The Route: This is VERY important. Know where your hills are so that you can mentally prepare, it is so helpful mentally to know the course before you go out and attack it!
Know Your Water Stations: Unless you carry your own water make a note of where the water stations are. know when you need water. Although there are many races where water stations simply are not an option logistically. So start with a bottle of water that you will eventually get rid of once the water stations become more regular. We have some reusable cups and bottles in store.
Kilometer 15 Is The Devil – this is where things get real in every race. Prepare for it.
Find A Good Way To Carry Fuel – There are tons of options available, from flip belts, to fanny packs to simply carrying what ever you need in your bra. Or simply have pockets in your race gear. We have options in store.
Eat Your Breakfast – Sometimes in the rush of getting out of the door and to the location you have forgotten to eat breakfast. You will pay for it every single time. To prevent making this mistake of not eating before a race make sure you set up your breakfast the night before!
Test Your Race Day Gear – This is an old tip, but it’s a true one. Gear that might be good for 5km may not be so good for 21km!
Warm Up: This is important. Warming up makes a huge difference!
You will run better from the beginning of the race instead of your body getting into running form at 5Km later.


Happy trails :)
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