Enjoy three days and two nights hiking in the beautiful scenery of Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains on the scenic Mahoma trail.



Day 1 –Park gate – Omuka Kizza Camp (2,977 meters):


With your local guide, you will trek 7.2 km through a lush forested ridge with breathtaking views and followed by the Mubuku River trailing along the valley and this is going clockwise.

You might see Blue Monkeys, Black and white Columbus Monkeys, Chimpanzees and the three-horned chameleon along the way. The forest is home to a multitude of birds, including the famous Rwenzori Turaco.


Day 2 –Omuka Kiiza camp – Lake Mahoma (3,515 meters):

On the second day, after an early breakfast, you will head to Lake Mahoma on a 6.6km journey.

The trail is dominated by bamboo and heather forest.

You will be following the forest elephant trails. On a lucky day, you may spot them taking a drink from the hot springs

Day 3 –Lake Mahoma – Ruboni Village:

After breakfast, you will head to the Central Circuit Trail.

The trail will be forested with heather and bamboo forest before you pass by Nyabitaba Camp and through the Mubuku Valley and descend to the park gate.

Arrive at the base camp in the afternoon.


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What to pack:

Body and Chest Gear
• 2 Thermal vests and thermal leggings (polypropylene or capilene)
• 1 Fleece pullover (like soft polaretec 100g or 200g, or similar)
• 1 Fleece jacket or alike
• 1 Rainproof or windproof jacket with hood (such as Gore‐Tex)
• Kickable T‐shirts or shirts (not cotton)
• 1 Buff or similar
* Highly suggest getting a prescription for an Albuterol Inhaler to bring along on the trip in case of any breathing difficulties as well as Ciproxin which is a safe medication for travel diarrhea and can be
used as a general antibiotic.
Feet and Legs
• 1 Pair of comfortable hiking boots
• 3 Pairs of outer socks (thick wool or polypropylene)
• 4 Pairs of inner socks (thin silk or polypropylene)
• Sandals or light weight trainers for around camp
• Gaiters
• 1 Fleece pants (full length zippers recommended)
• Comfortable trekking pants
• 1 Pairs of inner thermal gloves (polypropylene or capilene)
• 1 Pair of insulated outer gloves
Sleeping Gear
– Sleeping bag for ‐5 temps
– Sleeping mats
• Head lamp with extra batteries and bulb
• Block for lips and sun screen (not less than 35 spf)
• 2 Water bottles (32 fl.oz / 1 liter Nalgene recommended. Water bottle insulator needed)
• 1 Stainless steel thermos of one liter or half liter (optional)
• Hand warmers 
• Hydrating system (like CamelBak, for approach trek to base camp)
• Personal care elements (small towel and soap, wet wipes recommended)
• 1 Pair of trekking poles (adjustable preferred)
Upper Body Packs
• Comfortable Day pack (for approach to base camp)
• One XL strong duffel bag (to be carried by the porters)
Optional Items
• Book, games or anything for leisure time
• Camera, memory cards and extra batteries
• Silicon Earplugs (for windy nights)
• Pocket‐knife
• Your favorite energy bars. Avoid anything with caramel and toffee.
• Sun cap or hat
• Ski hat (wool or fleece)
• Light balaclava
• Good pair of sunglasses 
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